We use Windows Media Technology
Welcome to the information page for Daddy Lamar streaming videos.  Please read the FAQ section in its entirety, since it covers most of the questions you may have.

For additional information or questions please contact us and send us a ticket, keep in mind that the first time you use the ticket system you will need to register. Registration is free. Once you activate your support account, click on the "submit a ticket" option, over there you will be able to explain us your problem. For security reason we do not keep credit card information anywhere, so we can only provide you technical support and/or retrieval of your username/password information when you contact us. 

What kind of video streaming does offer?

Daddy Lamar has many fantasy features.  The fantasies are illustrated with pictures (XXX) and also with streaming videos--it is like the illustrated stories come alive.   The streaming video clips are 7-15 min long and are  good previews of our featured videos. videos Volumes 1 thru 10 are available in DVD or VHS  format.  Daddy Lamar and Friends volumes are available in DVD format.

What software do I need to watch the videos?

You need Windows media player  installed in your computer.  Please go to:
and download the appropriate Windows media player version FREE based on your own operating system. 

ATTENTION MAC USERS: Daddylamar IS NOT compatible with MAC OS in any of its versions. Mac Users can view other of our network sites which are fully MAC OS compatible like Older4me members lounge.


What about the hardware needed?

You need a Pentium computer and any of the following internet connections:
     1) 56.6
     2) DSL, cable modem, FIOS
More info about the windows media requirements can be found at:

The higher the Internet connection the better your reception, image quality and speed.
Currently DSL, cable or FIOS connections offer the best viewing experience near to DVD quality.

Are the streaming videos included in my monthly membership?

Yes, you get unlimited access to the streaming videos with your monthly membership.  Currently you  have more than ten hours of streaming video with a few clicks of your mouse.

How many times can I see the video streams?

Unlimited viewing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How often will the streaming videos will be updated?

We add at least one new video per month--currently around the first days of the month.

Does offer a trial membership?

Yes,  you can sign up for a one-month trial membership at a cost of $23.95. 

Can my order be processed on line to get instant access to the videos?

YES!  We chose CCBILL, a very reputable company, to administer our memberships.  You will get instant access to the whole member's section once your transaction has been approved on line.  It usually takes less than 30 seconds.

What will your credit card statement show?

CCBILL Company will be the name of the merchant on your CC statement.

Is there an alternative method to pay for the memberships?

YES. You may send your check or a money order payable to:
Matrix Media Group
P.O. Box 186,
Sunland, CA 91041-0186

We will send you your access code and password within 24 hrs of receiving your funds.

How do I buy the DVD versions of the Daddy Lamar fantasies?

To order the video in DVD format, please go to our secure order form at the Video Store.

Have more questions?

Please feel free to contact Lamar at if you have additional questions.
Your feedback is important to us and your question may be important to other members.  If something is not clear to you please let us know.


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